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A Basic Guideline For Asbestos Removal 

An asbestos survey is conducted to identify asbestos-containing materials inside the building, property or any structure. It is necessary to determine what asbestos materials are present and execute the correct type of asbestos management plan. 

Why Do You Need Asbestos Removal? 

If your (non-domestic) property was built before 2000, you are required by law to have an asbestos survey performed. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 impose this duty. It is because asbestos is lethal. It ranks first among our top five workplace health risks. Asbestos fibres attack your body after being exposed to them. They hook in quietly and cannot be removed. Lung disease and cancer can develop over time. Frequently, with fatal consequences. Therefore, an asbestos building survey is important to execute. 

Types of Asbestos Survey 

1.) Management Asbestos Survey

The management survey is the first and most basic kind of asbestos assessment. The management survey is for the administration of asbestos, as the name implies. Primarily so that building occupants are aware of where asbestos is likely to be present, that its condition can be monitored, and that, for instance, action can be taken if the materials are deteriorating.

The management assessment typically consists of a visual inspection noting the state of materials containing asbestos and any risks present during regular occupancy. This kind of survey typically involves tiny sampling and minimal intrusive labour. Without collecting samples, the surveyor may assume that certain products contain asbestos.

When Is It Necessary? 

A management asbestos survey is required while a structure is being used regularly. Any non-domestic or communal areas of domestic facilities constructed before 2000 must comply. It is important to note that although private residential properties are not obliged to have an asbestos management survey, they may also contain asbestos.

2.) Refurbishment and Demolition Asbestos Survey

When materials are disturbed during a renovation, demolition, or other construction jobs, it is necessary to conduct a refurbishment and demolition survey (previously known as a type 3 survey). Before beginning any construction job, a refurbishment and demolition survey should always be done. It covers remodelling and upkeep that will disturb the structure’s original components, demolition, additions, and other construction work.

When Is It Necessary? 

Before building, you must have an asbestos survey for renovation and demolition. Any structure constructed before 2000 must have this done unless you are sure there is no asbestos. (due to prior removal or other evidence). Any kind of structure, including residential ones, must comply with this.

Whatever survey you need, it is critical that the surveyor you hire is competent and has the necessary training, qualifications, knowledge, and experience. Connecting with Global Asbestos Audit  can help you to handle this procedure safely. Contact them here.