When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Roller Shutter Door

Roller Shutter Door Security is designed to be strong enough to resist extreme weather conditions while also preventing criminals. But like every other thing, it is bound to fail. You must replace or perform maintenance and repairs on your home or business’s garage door after a given time.

It could be tricky, given that you don’t have comprehensive knowledge about the intricate function of roller shutter garage doors.¬†


So, when should you replace your roller shutter door? Below are the determining factors that you should look out for: 

Operational difficulty

The essential function of a roller shutter door is to open and close it with a remote or by hand seamlessly. If the roller shutter is not working correctly, you should fix it as soon as possible, but sometimes replacing the roller shutter door is best.

Visible damage

As everyone knows, roller shutters can be broken if they are old. They may show signs of corrosion and rust because they have been in the weather for a long time. If you have seen this, it should be fixed because it affects how well it works and how strong it is. But if you can’t fix the problem with a repair, you should consider a full or partial replacement.

Remember, if the roller shutter door’s slats don’t fit together due to the damage, they will be hard to use and won’t work either. The integrity of the roller shutter could be broken, making it easy for burglars or thieves to get into your building.

Stained Roller Shutters Door

One of the ways to tell if a roller shutter needs to be fixed or replaced is to look at its colour. Roller shutters can last for many years, but they lose their original colour after being out in the weather for a while. You should look for a remarkable roller shutter that can withstand UV light. If the roller shutter works fine and you don’t want to replace it, you can paint it or hire a professional.

Weird Noises

If you have a roller shutter that opens and closes with an electric motor, you should listen for any strange sounds from the motor or other parts of the door. The motor might start making strange noises if the roller shutter isn’t working right. You need to fix the roller shutter or get a new one, depending on the problem’s bad.


Having high-quality roller shutter doors protects you from all the harsh weather and possible thieves. So, it is vital to always check if they are functioning correctly. If you suspect that one of your roller shutter doors needs replacement, you can connect to QLD Roller Shutters. They have an outstanding record of installing the best roller shutter in Australia.