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Choosing Outdoor-Friendly Hardware for Alfresco Kitchens and Outdoor Cabinets

The allure of Outdoor Hardware Alfresco dining – the joy of preparing and sharing meals under the open sky – is undeniable. But extending your living space outdoors requires thoughtful consideration, especially when it comes to hardware. 

Unlike their indoor counterparts, outdoor cabinets and drawers face the brunt of the elements – rain, sun, and even humidity. Selecting the right cabinet handles is paramount, not just for aesthetics but for ensuring longevity and functionality in your outdoor haven.

Why Hardware Matters in Alfresco Kitchens

While the visual appeal of cabinet handles shouldn’t be ignored, their primary purpose in an alfresco setting is durability. Here’s why choosing the right outdoor-friendly hardware matters:

  • Weather Resistance

Constant exposure to sun and rain can wreak havoc on regular cabinet hardware. Opting for materials like stainless steel or marine-grade aluminium ensures your handles can withstand the elements without rusting, corroding, or fading over time.

  • Functionality

Outdoor kitchens are meant to be enjoyed. Select handles that are easy to grip, even with wet or greasy hands. Consider larger pulls or handles with a good grip profile for seamless operation.

  • Style Cohesion

Cabinet hardware should harmonise with the overall design of your alfresco kitchen. For a sleek, modern aesthetic, slimline bar pulls or recessed finger pulls can add a touch of sophistication. Rustic kitchens might benefit from classic D-handles or ring pulls in a matte black finish.

Selecting the Right Hardware for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Here are some tips for selecting the perfect pieces for your cabinets:

  • Material Matters

As mentioned earlier, stainless steel and marine-grade aluminium are excellent choices. They offer outstanding resistance to rust, corrosion, and UV rays, ensuring your hardware maintains its shine for years to come. 

  • Size and Functionality

Consider the size and depth of your cabinets when choosing hardware. Larger drawers might benefit from longer pulls for better leverage, while smaller cabinets can utilise sleek knobs or shorter handles. Remember, prioritise functionality – ensure the handles are easy to grip with wet or greasy hands.

  • Matching Your Kitchen’s Aesthetics

For a truly cohesive alfresco space, consider coordinating your cabinet hardware with other kitchen fixtures, such as outdoor lighting fixtures. A multitude of cabinet handles can complement different fixtures and furniture, creating a unified aesthetic.


Investing in quality, outdoor-friendly cabinet hardware is essential in creating a beautiful and functional alfresco kitchen. By prioritising durability, functionality, and style, you can ensure your outdoor space remains a place for effortless entertaining and delightful culinary experiences for years to come.Learn more about outdoor-friendly cabinet hardware and lighting fixtures and where to best acquire them by visiting Hardware Concepts—an online hardware retailer that supplies high quality designer hardware at affordable prices.