The 2021 Bathroom Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

Trends for affordable bathroom sinks and cabinets for the 2021 year will feature a variety of materials, finishes and colors. Affordability is the primary concern for most homeowners when remodeling their bathrooms, and this trend will continue into the new year with more homeowners shopping for the most affordable bathroom products they can afford. Trends for affordable bathroom products will continue to include materials such as copper, metal, stone, wood and glass. Glass and stone tiles already have a timeless and luxurious appearance that will easily transcend your existing material makeup and become almost a necessity in your home’s interior design style.

Earthy Colors The color palette for the upcoming year promises to be earthy and bright. Dark gray, dark brown and earthy browns will dominate the wallpaper and flooring choices in most homes. To really tie your space together and get started with your design scheme, opt for tiles that have earthy tones. Limestone, granite, slate and sandstone tiles will help tie your room together and provide you with a clean, neutral background to build from.

Matte Coating Tiles is making a comeback in many of the Bali accessories you’ll find in the new trends for affordable bathroom products. You may want to opt for a matte finish so your accents don’t clash with each other. You can opt for textured matte or flat matte finishes, and many manufacturers offer a range of textured options at varying costs. Textured finishes may be especially useful if you opt for tiles that require grouting – an easy way to get the shine and look of marble without the cost.

Accent Pieces Bathroom furniture pieces such as mirrors, soap dishes and even curio cabinets can add some much-needed style points to your modern bath area. If you’re not into designing your own home interiors, you can also find great deals at your local bathroom retailers and home improvement centers. The possibilities for accent pieces and furniture are virtually endless when it comes to the modern bath. Here are some of the more popular trends in decorating your bath for the new century:

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