Things To Know Before Investing In Colorado Prefab Homes

Colorado prefab homes are rising in popularity these days. Also known as modular homes, the prefabricated homes Modular, or prefabricated homes offer a variety of benefits for home buyers who want to build on a plot of land. However, these homes are not for everyone. The following are some of the things you should know before investing in the prefab homes.

First and foremost, you need to know that prefabs are faster to build. Depending on the complexity of the home, it can take about 3 to 4 months to build and get it move-in ready. From start to finish, it can take about 9 months to a year to construct a stick-built house.

With Colorado prefab homes, the home modules are constructed and inspected in a factory, where the weather will not delay the process. One the modules are built, they are transported to the final building site. It takes about 3 days to fully assemble those components at the site.

Before you can move into the prefab home, additional site work will need to be done, such as driveway paving, electrical and plumbing hook-ups, final grading of the land and landscaping, and a host of inspections before a certificate of occupancy can be issued. These can take several weeks to complete.

Another thing you need to know before investing in Colorado prefab homes is that you will pay more than just the base price for your modular home. For manufacturers that offer preset home plans, the base price of a prefab home typically includes construction, moving the modules to the final build site, and setting the home on its foundation. You can tweak a builder’s preset plan at additional cost, for instance if you want to add hardwood floors throughout the home instead of carpet.

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