Top 5 Reasons To Love Panelized Home Construction

Brown and White Wooden House

If you’re in the market for a new home, there’s a good chance that you’re wondering what the top 5 reasons to love panelized home construction are. In today’s shaky real estate market, more homeowners are discovering the benefits of purchasing prefabricated homes. While these homes still have the original characteristics of their built-site counterparts (such as ample floor space and wall thickness), they’ve been built on site and are assembled according to a pre-planned, factory-controlled process. By removing the need for costly, custom construction that takes several weeks to perform, panelized construction is becoming the popular method for constructing customized living spaces. And with it comes not only greater efficiency but also increased quality in construction that’s usually lacking with traditional building methods. In fact, panelization can often be described as bringing the “shop” model of manufacturing into the residential realm.

When you consider how much less money you’ll spend by building a new house instead of purchasing an already built home, you’ll also appreciate the time you save. These kits are available in different sizes, from tiny studio dwellings to sprawling mansion-like dwellings, all built according to a preset floor plan. There are many different materials to choose from to create the perfect dwelling experience, including everything from wood to sturdy steel frames and everything in between. The panels themselves are manufactured to look and feel like solid wood or sturdy metal, while being constructed inside a factory controlled environment. The end result?

So the next time you consider buying a new house, instead of just purchasing a traditional foundation constructed home, why not consider panelized home construction? It saves money and takes less time than anything else. Best of all, you’ll probably end up with a house that’s better constructed and more comfortable than any foundation could give.

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