The Catastrophic Winter Storm Damage in Texas

A natural disaster is an unforeseen event caused by wind, rain, fire, or other elemental adversity that endanger people’s lives and household property. Although such an event may have little to no effect on a home, it can significantly impact the individuals who live in it.

A family with pre-planning and preparation can benefit, regardless of whether they are renting or owning a house. Multiple people do not realize how much impact a natural disaster has on a single infrastructure. A building’s structural integrity can alter drastically, depending on the type of weather it is exposed to. For instance, the presence of ice and high winds can cause entire walls to sag and lift off the foundation of a weakened roof.

When comparing wind, rain, and snow damage, keep in mind that wind damage usually only covers damage to your roof, with no protection for walls, windows, or floors. Siding and some areas are also not typically covered, such as gutters and eaves. Wind damage can harm roofs, chimneys, and porches.

What more a snowstorm where both a robust hale with a mixture of freezing snow pass through an infrastructure?

One fundamental step for families to avoid winter storm damage is the preparedness that regular maintenance brings. Getting ready for a disaster is only natural, for this avoids any small or vital impairment not only with the house’s components and with the family’s health – for any disastrous natural phenomenon can kill a mere human being.

Readiness is the assurance that will help protect an individual against the high expense of rebuilding, cleaning up, and any financial expenditure with a natural disaster.

To bring awareness to billions of homeowners, Fahey Roofing Contracting created an infographic below that tackles all the possible damage a winter storm can bring and the proper precautions to take for avoidance: