Challenges When Converting Bathtub To Showers Mission Viejo CA.

Bathrooms are one of the most expensive areas in a house to remodel. Converting a bathtub to showers can be very demanding, not as simple as most people think it is. Most homeowners think, converting bathtub to showers is simply removing a bathtub and installing a shower fixture.  This thinking is completely wrong and a homeowner cannot conduct this project alone. DIY ideas do not come in handy here. However, the ease and difficulty of the conversion will heavily depend on the configuration of the existing plumbing and how your home is built. Below are some challenges you are likely to face when converting bathtub to showers Mission Viejo.

The first challenge when converting bathtub to showers Mission Viejo CA is bad plumbing. This is a very common challenge faced by shower remodel contractors. Plumbing is key when it comes to the conversion of bathtub to showers. In case the previous homeowners had done a series of bathroom remodeling and tampered with the plumbing, converting the bathtub to showers will be a challenge, even worse when you do it yourself. Bad plumbing will result in leaking spouts and showers.

The second challenge when converting Bathtub to showers Mission Viejo CA is venting concerns. Bathtubs usually do not need venting as minimal heat and moisture is produced when one is taking a bath. When shifting to showers, you will require good venting equipment. It is important to plan for venting beforehand. Not including venting in your shower will only result in to damage your drywall, ceiling including other fixtures in your shower area.

Last, another challenge when converting bathtub to showers Mission Viejo CA is fixing drainage. Most bathtubs have drainage through the wall. Redesigning the drainage to be through the flow can be challenging especially if you do not involve a professional contractor.

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