A Look At The Most Common 90s Candy Treats

90s Candy

The 1990s world was a stark contrast to the earlier decades. During this time,  any remnants of the then simpler days were slowly fading away, technology was growing very quickly, and computers were becoming an essential part of daily living. There were so many changes happening in the world at this time, and on the verge of a new millennium,  there was still one sweet escape to be had: candy. The following are some retro 90s candy treats.

The  eFrutti Gummy Candy  was among the most popular candies in the 1990s.  It is a fun and entertaining gummy candy  that a lot of people like to play with too.  This candy is a detailed, miniature chewy candy that is fashioned in many ways. You can choose from tasty  eFrutti Gummi hamburgers, hot dogs and even the all dressed pizza. You  can also choose from the delicious and  mysterious sea critters, a sour gecko or a play mouse.

The original manufacturer of the eFrutti Gummi Candi  was the Mederer Company in Germany. The production later on moved to the United States of  America under the umbrella of Mederer.  While moms always say that we should not play with food,  you just cannot help yourself with these nice looking  and brightly colored gummy candies.  They are sure to bring out the hungry as  well as playful kid in you.

The Dove Chocolate Bars is another popular 90s candy treat. The production of these indulgent chocolate bars first started  in the United Kingdom before it was acquired by Mars Inc. These chocolate bars  came in various enticing flavors, namely dark chocolate, milk chocolate, truffle, caramel and also fruit and nut.

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