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Friendly Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place

As it comes with aging, the apparent cognitive and health decline makes it difficult for seniors to live independently: however, most seniors still prefer to age in place. The senior’s desire to remain in their family homes it is driven by memories and familiarity grown accustomed to over the years.


For some, moving to senior living facilities comes with a significant emotional and physical toll. While they are highly appreciative of the amenities and professional care that Hourly Caregivers Clinton CT in assisted living facilities can provide, their independence is of utmost importance.


If an aging adult remains at home, there are areas needing modification to help seniors maintain a quality life. Given the apparent challenges in aging, it is essential to have home modifications to promote older adults’ safety and independent living.


There are hidden risks that can cause unforeseen accidents. Many of these accidents can cause severe injuries and sometimes fatal, leading to morbidity and further physical decline for older adults.

Fortunately, these accidents are preventable, given that proper modifications are in place to suit seniors’ aging needs. Home modifications can range from simple changes to major structural projects such as installing a wheelchair ramp.


Nevertheless, proper modifications can improve the adaptability, accessibility, and functionality of the house. Widening doorways, adding lightbulb wattage, and lowering light switch heights, and installing grab bars in the bathroom are some of the minor modifications that do not require extensive repairs and alterations, which may cause significant amounts.


However, before making any changes, it is essential to evaluate the areas where seniors are likely to struggle to navigate. By doing so, a list of potential problems will be easier to solve while determining how much is fit for your budget. Some modifications do not require to be in the budget list as some are free and easy to do.

Additionally, a perspective from caregivers in Connecticut can help in identifying potential risks that need changing.

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