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DIY Chimney Cleaning Tips

There are plenty of benefits to owning a fireplace. It can improve the look and feel of the room where it was installed. It can also be an excellent place for people to gather and spend some quality family time.

For people on the East Coast, particularly in New York, where winter can be cold and harsh, a fireplace is a much-needed asset. It can keep people warm, and can also cut down on electrical bills and help save money. However, despite the advantages of having a fireplace installed in the home, it can be costly to maintain it. A chimney must be inspected and cleaned at least once a year to maximize its use and ensure safety.

Commercial roofing contractors in Suffolk County can be hired to inspect and clean the chimney. However, if they are on a strict budget, homeowners can do the cleaning themselves.

Cleaning the chimney can be tough, time-consuming, and even hazardous. It requires proper cleaning tools and equipment, such as a chimney brush, chimney brush rods or rope, a fireplace cover, and a metal bucket. Using protective gear such as respirators, goggles, and gloves will help avoid serious injuries.

The fireplace and chimney need to be inspected to ensure safe and efficient heating. A homeowner must check for damage, obstructions, and combustible deposits in the stack. Creosote is a highly flammable, sticky substance made up of unburned wood particles, tar, and smoke. If not removed regularly, it can cause health problems for the whole family or cause a fire.

According to the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services in New York, chimneys are among the leading structures that cause residential fires. So, keeping the fireplace clear of creosote buildup and other combustible materials can help in the prevention of chimney fires. To avoid this risk, several Suffolk County roofing companies conduct safety inspections and thorough cleaning.

Homeowners often do cleaning and maintaining a home, but experts are needed in areas like the chimney. Hiring a professional chimney service can help clean the fireplace and even inspect it for damage requiring repair. This infographic by Long Island Roofing and Chimney shows some tips on cleaning and maintaining the chimney.